Thursday, March 30, 2017

Warm Market Pitch Tip

The Face Your Warm Market Makes When You Approach With ANOTHER Business...
I usually approach family and friends with the opportunity first, not the business opportunity. If you don’t have a product that will help people or you don’t want to sell the product because “the money is in the recruiting”, you’re thinking more like a pyramid scheme operator than a professional network marketer. The money IS in recruiting, but product is the foundation of your business. You should be proud to get a monthly product autoship sale…even if they never become a distributor with you. Plus, product purchasers lead to good word of mouth, referrals, etc. Your aunt who changed your diaper may hear you out on what product you have, but she knows the REAL you and loves you anyway…so she probably doesn’t think of you as a business partner at this point and that’s ok! :) Think LONG TERM.